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FusionEd brings proven educational model to benefit students, local businesses

Young adults eager to earn a high school diploma and credentials essential to in-demand, living-wage-paying jobs will be the key beneficiaries of FusionEd’s dynamic education model as it assumes management of seven Career Prep campuses in Ohio


Businesses in Ohio communities and beyond also benefit, gaining access to skilled candidates for employment immediately job-ready upon graduation.

The Career Prep of Cincinnati's School Board President states: “We have been working with FusionEd for over a year to implement career technical programs at the building, and we have experienced such a transformation in our students.  With full management, we expect to see significant gains in academic improvement as well as continued growth in the career programming.


“Our ultimate goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of at-risk students – providing them with the knowledge, certifications and confidence to pursue bright futures,” said Jim Blair, FusionEd’s co-founder and president.  “Ohio’s economy and business community will benefit, as well, addressing what many CEOs will tell you is their greatest challenge: hiring qualified, competent employees.”


According to an analysis of Ohio Department of Education data conducted by The Ohio State University’s Ohio Education Research Center, the number of Buckeye State dropouts reached a high of 30,000 students for the 2006-2007 school year, and a low, for the 2016-2017 school year, of 24,000. 


Consider findings by Cecilia Rouse, with Princeton University, that high school dropouts earn $260,000 less than high school graduates – resulting in a $60,000 loss in state and federal income taxes over each dropout’s lifetime – and the need for new educational strategies is clear.


“Regardless of whether students plan to seek immediate long-term careers or to continue their education, a high school diploma is essential,” said FusionEd’s Chief Operating Officer Bryce Johnson.  “Certification in any number of fields – from Microsoft Office Specialist to OSHA-10 to phlebotomy tech – leads to employment and living wage earnings.  Certification can literally change lives.”


High-quality training, academics and skills, and motivation through purpose serve as the foundation for FusionEd’s unique education model.  Dual progress toward a diploma and good-paying work is intrinsically motivating to high school students, increasing attendance and timely completion.


The feeling of hopelessness associated with lack of career opportunities sometimes serves as the first step toward a path of self-destruction.  Providing young adults with not just hope, but real opportunities for meaningful employment, can help them avoid reliance on public assistance and life-long financial struggles.


FusionEd works directly with each independent school board to provide leadership and management services to seven schools previously operated by Career Prep in Akron, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Elyria and Toledo, which serve more than 900 students and employ approximately 100 staff.




FusionEd is a Utah-based company that specializes in career-tech education and partners with technical colleges, trade schools and other institutions that provide certification programs.  Students who attend schools operated by FusionEd graduate with a high school diploma and a completed industry-based technical certificate.  Its leaders bring decades of experience in educational design to the Career Prep mission.  Learn more about FusionEd at:  and about Jim Blair and Bryce Johnson on LinkedIn at: and

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