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Let us start you down the path to success. Career Prep of Columbus Southeast has certified training programs, customized instruction, flexible schedules and post-graduation counseling that can get you career- or college-ready.


What do you want from life after you earn your high school diploma? Did you know that many in-demand jobs require only an additional credential where the average salary is over $25/hr?! We can help you prepare for life and find a career that fits your ideal lifestyle! That’s why we offer chances to learn about Business, Finance, and Marketing. We even help you earn certifications in these areas free of charge and as part of your regular coursework. Why only earn a diploma when we can help set you up for life?!


Some people want to be in control of the work they do. They want to set their hours, determine their income, and do work that means something to them. Does this sound like you? If it does, our Entrepreneurship Academy will provide you with the tools you need to make this dream come true! The Academy is a brand new and exciting program that can be part of your regular coursework. Whether you already have a side-hustle or have an excellent business idea, The Academy is the perfect program for you. Join us and be ready for life after your diploma!


Business owners across the United States have similar answers when asked what they look for in new workers. Does it surprise you to know that it is rarely expertise in their specific field of work? Usually, businesses desire skills in communication, problem-solving, self-management, and commonly used software. These skills are widely known as “soft skills” and are the foundation of any successful career and lifestyle. With Career Prep, you can master these skills through electives and without spending any extra time in class.

Our Goal

Our One Focus is You

Career Prep offers so much more than a high school diploma and job certification. Our goal is getting you prepared for life. That is why, for us, teaching is just the beginning. We will be with you every step of the way to help you find success!


Avoid Life’s Obstacles

We offer flexible schedules and training that is individualized around how you learn best. We not only get you certified and career ready – employers could soon be looking for you!


Learning That Is Tailor Fit

One size doesn't fit all. We discover how you learn best and tailor the education around you.


More Than Just a School

Here at Career Prep, we know that success comes from more than classroom courses. We help you achieve your goals for life after a diploma with interview skills, resume help and counselors who care.

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Career Prep wasn’t like a traditional high school, if my kids were sick or I needed to pick up some extra work hours, they understood.

Lewis Johnson Graduate


Career Prep was founded in 1998 to empower students and give them an educational choice.