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An Individualized Education

Creating a school environment that allows you to be successful, in and out of the classroom.

Keeping up with schoolwork can be difficult; with so many classes to attend and so much work to get done, falling behind can be easy.  The standard school day doesn’t work for everyone. With a limited amount of time to spend on each subject, quick class changes and homework to tackle in each class, feeling overwhelmed in a traditional high school is often to be expected.

On the flip side, you may feel constricted by the traditional high school schedule—forcing you to spend an equal amount of time on all subjects and rehash lessons and concepts you grasped days, weeks or even months ago. Feeling bored can also lead to falling behind in school work…your brain needs a challenge!

For all high school students, earning a high school diploma is important—it’s a monumental stepping stone to starting the rest of your future career. But, with the rigid schedule of traditional high schools, falling behind and dropping out is a real possibility. That’s where Career Prep comes in. Our individualized approach to education allows you to take control of your high school education.

An Education Just For You

At Career Prep, every student is provided an individual academic plan that includes:

  • the student’s academic strengths
  • areas needing improvement
  • a review of credits earned and still needed to graduate
  • learning styles
  • a post-graduation map

This academic plan is used by teachers and staff to develop academic schedules and work readiness to help you reach your goals.

The classroom experience at Career Prep is completely unique, blending the traditional high school feel of an actual school building and classrooms with the flexibility of computer based learning programs. With this unique classroom experience, you can work at a pace that is right for you! Spend time on subjects and concepts you’re struggling with and moving ahead of schedule on those that come easily to you.

Traditional school hours may not work for you, and we understand that. Career Prep has a schedule that fits your needs - you’re in class four days a week, for five hours each day!

With so much flexibility and individualization available at Career Prep, it’s important that you have someone to lean on for support, help and advice while you’re at school. Your home room teacher will serve as your mentor and motivator, as well as your support system while you’re enrolled at Career Prep. They’re here for you and are genuinely invested in helping you succeed and meet your goals.

Are you ready to dive in to an individualized education experience? If the answer is yes, learn more about Career Prep and our graduates for a look into how their individualized education helped them to earn their high school diploma.

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