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One-On-One Learning

Creating a school environment that allows you to be successful, in and out of the classroom.

Do you feel like no one understands how you learn? At Career Prep, our teachers are dedicated to giving you the one-on-one support needed to meet your goals. From the very first day, you will receive individualized attention to help you succeed throughout the school year.

Supporting Students

How does Career Prep support students and provide them with one-on-one attention to help them throughout the school day?

  • Each student is given a home room teacher to serve as a mentor, keeping you motivated and on track to graduate on time.
  • With computer-based learning and in-person classes, students can work both on their own and with others every day. Teachers are always around to offer assistance to all students both during and after class.
  • Before beginning classes, each student is provided with an individualized academic plan and career map for success. This takes credits already earned, personal goals and more into account and also includes an estimated graduation date and details the path needed to get there.

Flexibility for Success

Career Prep attention to providing one-on-one attention also extends past the school building. With Edgenuity, our students are provided with a flexible education program that combines the direct and supervised brick-and-mortar learning experience with content flexibly available online with time, place and path determine also provides students with flexibility and one-on-one attention from our educators.

Interested in learning more about the one-on-one attention given to each of our Career Prep students? This individualized approach to education can be just what you need to finish your high school education. Contact us or enroll today to find out more.

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