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Beyond the Classroom

Helping students finish their high school diploma, graduate and succeed after school.

Sometimes, all you need to be successful is support from those around you. This is especially true when you’re working to complete your high school education. With so many responsibilities other than school on your plate, whether that includes a job, a responsibility to care for your family or something else, going back to school can seem difficult without continued help and support. At Career Prep, it is our mission to help students overcome these barriers and earn their high school diploma.

Some of the barriers we help our students overcome include:


Many of our students have children and are determined to finish their high school diploma. We know that finding childcare so you can attend classes may be difficult. Together with community partners and organizations, we work with you to find childcare that fits your needs and your budget, making it a little easier for you to finish your diploma.


If getting to and from school every day is your main concern, Lift Skills has you covered. Without school transportation and possibly without a car of your own, getting to school each day can seem impossible. To help get you to school, Career Prep High Schools are located in areas easily accessible by public transportation and we offer bus passes to those who need them.


While you’re taking time to finish your high school diploma, you may need assistance with life’s responsibilities. We want to make it less stressful for you to earn your diploma and, in order to help you do that, we work with our students and coordinate access to a number of benefits programs.


Finishing high school while holding a job, raising a family or overcoming any other barriers can be difficult. As a student at Career Prep, you may have access to in-school counseling services to help you secure your life outside of school while you’re working toward finishing your high school diploma.

Career Preparation

After finishing your high school diploma, you may be interested in pursuing a full-time job. Our staff is prepared to help you put your best foot forward throughout the job search. We will help you prepare for a career with resume assistance, interview tips, suggestions on what to wear and more.

Post High School Planning

Your high school diploma will open a lot of doors to your future. If your plans include a college degree, the Career Prep staff can help you make the transition from high school to college, properly preparing you for the next major stage in your life.

If these barriers or any others are keeping you from completing your high school diploma, Career Prep may be a great option for you. To learn more about our flexible school option, contact us today or call 888-995-7143 to talk to one of our enrollment specialists.

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