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Interview Preparation

Interested in pursuing a full-time job after graduation? At Career Prep, we give you the tools, resources and practice you need to feel confident on interview day.

When you cross the stage at graduation, it is not the end of a story, it is the start of the next chapter. We help you find the resources and confidence you need to excel at interviews and land your dream jobs. Whether it’s right after graduation or after college, the individual interview practice and attention we provide will help you throughout your future career preparation.

Answering Interview Questions

The question, "Tell me a little about yourself" has to be one of the hardest in the books. We will help you prepare for those common interview questions and learn how to navigate through the interview process.

Prepare a Resume

You will graduate with an eportfolio that includes a resume and cover letter as well as other personal information on your academic and personal achievements. Not only will we help you create these documents, we help you develop your “elevator speech” and showcase your experience so the documents accurately demonstrate your strengths and skills.

Feel and Look Your Best

You can talk the talk, now walk the walk in professional attire. Our staff will help you prepare for the big day and help you find an outfit that fits the occasion.

After going through mock interviews, creating a career portfolio and learning skills that will help you excel – you will be confident and prepared for any interview. If you are looking to pursue a part- or full-time job, the staff at Career Prep can help you get there. Call us today at 888-995-7143 to find out how you can feel confident in your next interview.

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