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Have an in-demand career, help your fellow human beings and go home every night knowing you made a difference: what’s not to love?

Career Prep Health + Public Service Career Certifications include:

Patient Care Technician Medical Assisting

Medical Office Administration

Pharmacy Technician

Medical Billing + Coding

Medical Assisting




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With our Health and Public Service Career Certifications track, Career Prep can help you earn your high school diploma and get you certified for jobs in one of the fastest-growing career fields in the country. If you’re looking for a career that’s ever changing, challenging and makes a difference, the Health and Public Service career track may be just what you need.

Career Prep isn’t just a place to earn your diploma. Joining us you can start pursuing your career early. When you graduate, you will have not only earned your diploma, but you will also be trained, certified and prepared to pursue one of many health care or public service jobs that offer a long-term future. Should you choose to, you’ll also be prepared to continue with schooling, thanks Career Prep instructors and faculty who will prepare you for college readiness.

Just like in the healthcare and public service, we know that each day for you is different and you have responsibilities outside of school. At Career Prep, we offer career certifications that allow you to take the steps you need to reach your goals, backed by flexibility and one-on-one instruction and support that will help you overcome any obstacles. And, we make it all available to you for free!


If you’re looking for a way to kick start your future, give us a call today at 888-341-7992 or send us an email!

The supportive staff at Career Prep will help you find a program you’re interested in.

Certifications by School

The following Health and Public Service Career Certifications are available at the following Career Prep High Schools.

Medical Office Administration




Medical Office Administration