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OhioGuidestone Partners with FusionEd

OhioGuidestone is pleased to announce a partnership with FusionEd to deliver support services to students and their families. With the new partnership, OhioGuidestone will work within FusionEd charter schools, including Career Prep of Columbus, Career Prep of Akron, and Career Prep of Elyria. OhioGuidestone’s school based services include counseling for students, group counseling, substance abuse counseling, and psychiatric services. Additionally, OhioGuidestone will offer more extensive services to families in need, such as maternal depression counseling, in-home family therapy, and crisis intervention.


“OhioGuidestone is dedicated to providing holistic, individualized care for those we serve. We currently provide school based services in more than 100 school across Ohio, and we look forward to integrating our support services into the quality educational model delivered by FusionEd,” says Rich Frank, President and CEO of OhioGuidestone.


“FusionEd’s goal is to prepare our students for the workforce by providing them with the knowledge, certifications and confidence to pursue bright futures,” said Jim Blair, FusionEd’s co-founder and CEO.  “Because we serve drop out recovery high school students, this partnership is especially important to our students’ success. OhioGuidestone provides critical resources to our entire student and family community--increasing success rates and helping to build qualified and competent workers.”


Founded in 1864 as a home for children orphaned during the civil war, OhioGuidestone has been dedicated to serving the needs of Ohioans for more than 150 years. As the needs of those we serve continue to evolve, we have modified our services to respond to the most pressing, immediate issues throughout the communities we serve. Today, we offer expertise in a wide variety of programs aimed at treating mental health issues through cutting edge, proven interventions and specialize in supplemental services that help those we serve achieve self-sufficiency and fulfillment in their lives. These services include workforce development, early childhood education, juvenile justice services, foster care, and access to OhioGuidestone’s donation center, crisis hotline, and pharmacy. Last year, OhioGuidestone’s programs supported more than 34,000 participants throughout the state of Ohio.



OhioGuidestone is a community solutions organization offering a unique blend of behavioral health treatment services, skill-building programs and prevention services for children and families. Our continuum of flexible, customized programs address individual needs to help individuals become self-sufficient, productive members of the community. For more information go to  or contact the communications department at 440-260-8303.


FusionEd specializes in career-tech education and partners with institutions that provide certification programs that lead students to great jobs. Its leaders bring decades of experience in educational models that change lives.  Learn more about FusionEd at:  and about Jim Blair and Bryce Johnson on LinkedIn at: and

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